Payment, Insurance & Deposits


On placement of your order your card will be validated and charged for the total amount in pounds sterling including any deposit (if selected) this will be refunded on the return of equipment.

What currencies do you accept?

All payments will be made in pounds sterling, see your card holder for conversion rates of your currency.

Equipment cover 

You are obliged to take care of hired equipment for the time it is loaned to you, be sure to keep hired items secure and safe at all times, damage is covered to an extent, this does not cover loss, theft or water damage, you will be liable for the full value of the equipment.   We advise that you have support in that regard, should equipment be damaged there is a damage waiver of £180 to cover this, this cover up to £1000 per item in repair cost.


We do not generally require a deposit.  However we reserve the right to request a deposit if need be, this will be refunded on the safe return of equipment.


We require identification and a proof of address to process your order, please have these scanned and ready if we request them.  First time hirers will be asked to provide these documents.