Payment, Insurance & Deposits


On placement of your order your card will be validated and authorisation for the total payment in pounds sterling (including any deposit) secured. When the item of equipment has been returned safely, the deposit will be returned.

What currencies do you accept?

All payments will be made in pounds sterling, see your card holder for conversion rates of your currency.

Insurance on equipment

While you are obliged to take care of the hired equipment for the time it is loaned to you, be sure to have good security in your home or store and keeping it safe at all times, there is no cover for loss due to negligence, negligence isn't an option, water damage, leaving equipment unsupervised in public areas, on public transport for example isn't covered, your premises must be secured and equipment must be kept safe and you will be liable if equipment is lost for this reason, should you lose or damage equipment there is an excess of £180.


We do not generally charge a deposit. However we reserve the right to charge a deposit if we consider the transaction to be unusually risky.


We may require identification and a proof of address to process your order, please have these scanned and ready if we request them.  First time hirers will be asked to provide these documents.