About Us

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LensPimp was set up to provide a quick and easy way for all the photo and video creatives out there to get their hands on all the latest camera and lenses.

At Lenspimp we understand that having the right lens for the job in hand can make all the difference, especially when quality cannot be compromised. But having equipment that may only be used occasionally may not prove a worthwhile investment or perhaps you just want to try a lens out before getting one yourself, this is where LensPimp can help.

We provide a flexible way for you to get the lenses you need, when you need them and without breaking the bank. Lenspimp offers flexible options at competitive prices, so you can get exactly what you need when you need it.

  • We can provide rental options for just a few days or up to 28 days or more if you're planning a trip or a series of events where you need equipment for an extended time period.
  • Our lenses are sent right to your door by courier and we can either provide collection service at the end of your hire period or you can make your own arrangements to make the return.
  • A deposit is not required and only require in certain cicumstances.
  • We never share your personal information with anyone else and we have a secure payment gateway that means you never have to worry about your details ending up where they shouldn't be.

LensPimp was set up for the purpose of renting lenses and cameras but as you will see when you browse the website, some other specialised photographic equipment is also available for hire including lighting, tripods, monopods and many other accessories.

Most of all, when you use LensPimp we want you to feel confident that we can deliver the lens you want with the minimum of fuss and worry.

Please have a browse through our website, can't find what your looking for? Let us know by dropping us an e-mail or just give us a call.