Loss and Damage

Damage of Equipment

Please call us immediately if your hired item has been damaged. If you still need the item  and an identical or similar item is available, this can be sent to you till the end of your agreed hire period providing you cover the additional delivery cost.

Equipment damage is covered in most cases, your liability would be no more than the value of the damage waiver £180 Including VAT per items hired.

Please notify us immediately and return the damaged equipment for us to repair.

Loss or Theft of Equipment

You are obliged to take care of the hired equipment for the time it is loaned to you, be sure to keep hired items secure and safe at all times, loss or theft is not covered, your premises must be secured and equipment must be kept safe, you would be liable if equipment is lost or stolen.  Please call us immediately if hired equipment is lost or stolen.  

Damage vs normal wear and tear

While ordinary wear and tear is expected eg minor scratches on the lens hood, barrel etc, damage to vital parts of the equipment which effects its performance e.g. the glass or mount of a lens or camera would be expected to be compensated for.