Hiring Lenses


Equipment can be hired for any period of time from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 28 days. Indicate the period of hire required by clicking on the drop-down box under the heading ‘How long do you want your hire period to last?’ Click on the appropriate number of days.  Next go to ‘Pick your hire dates’ this defaults to 7 days but will be automatically set to  the hire period you specified  in drop down box with consecutive start and finish dates, choose the appropriate period. The price will be calculated automatically by multiplying the daily rate by the number of days of the hire period. There will be choice of courier or local pickup for the delivery of your hired equipment this will be added at checkout. Once you have submitted your order we will be in touch  by email to  take you through the hiring process including the despatch and return of the equipment to completion.

We aim for you receive your hire on the day before Day 1 and you should post it back to us on the day after the last day of the hire period (except if the last day of hire falls on a Saturday in which case the equipment must be posted on the following Monday). For example if you hire  equipment  for a three day hire  period starting on a Wednesday the latest we can receive the request for this order is  by 3 pm on Monday.  We will pack and send the equipment to you to arrive on Tuesday for the beginning of the hire period on the Wednesday.  Friday would be the last day of the hire period, therefore you are obliged to send the hired equipment back to us on the Saturday.

Hires for periods less than 3 days and longer than 28 days can be arranged, please contact us and we will see what can be done.


Extending the hire period

Extending your hire period may be possible providing the equipment has not been reserved by another customer for the period immediately succeeding your original hire period.  If no booking has been made by another customer then extending your hire period should pose no problem and you would only have to pay for the extra days requested. However you must contact us first as the equipment may have already been booked by another customer in which case the item will have be returned on the date originally scheduled.



Equipment should be posted on the day of return which which is highlighted in basket. Unfortunately, if the item is not posted on this date, you will have to pay a late return fee which is 20% of the advertised weekly rental fee, for every day late this will be authorised to your account as determined by when we actually receive the equipment. Please note that you can easily avoid late return fees by extending your hire period. Items may be returned early but because you had the items booked and may well have turned away other customers to keep the item available for you, we can only offer a refund or credit for the unused portion of your hire period in exceptional circumstances only.

Reserving Equipment

Our system is basekd on a fIrst come first serve basis, you can call or email us to reserve an item you want to hire but it is best to secure the hire by putting the order through pur system.



Orders can be cancelled if we haven't already dispatched the items to you. There are no cancelation fees for orders cancelled within 7 days of the order, or 28 days before the start of the hiring period. However cancellation fees apply if you cancel an order more than 7 days after placing it and less than 28 days before the start of the hire period. A cancelation fee of 20%-50% of the hire charge will apply depending on time of cancelation.


Some equipment may always be ‘out of stock’ or 'currently unavailable'

If the lens or equipment you want to hire appears always to be out of stock, please let us know. We aim to have the equipment you want, when you want them. If there's more demand for a particular item than we're meeting, we'll get more to respond to demand. Similarly, if there is a piece equipment you want, please let us know and we'll see if we can justify getting hold of it.